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>> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 4am start now. >> good morning. it is thursday january 10th. taking live look outside from the san mateo bridge. we are seeing cold temperatures and more on the way. there are some reports of rain in some parts of the bay area as predicted. erica does a good job with the forecast. let us that the weather and what we expect for the day. >> good morning erica. >> good morning james. >> here is a look at where it is currently raining. we want to see where it is
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currently falling. you will notice the light green out of south city is crossing the bay heading into oakland and alameda. light rain currently on the western end of the san mateo bridge. around 101, 92 interchange drive with extra caution. this is a light rain. it is heavier around half moon bay. along the coast to see the area of yellow it looks like rain is falling at about a 10th of an inch per hour. >> a lot of moisture has pushed south light rain around san jose mineta airport and los gatos. also sitting in the santa cruz mountains. >> we will see clear skies a
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lot of cold air sticks around to the afternoon. it is cooler this morning. santa rosa running about 10 to 11 of degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. >> 43 in richmond. 47 in oakland. these are not your morning lows. temperatures will continue to drop closer to sunrise. >> wet weather is turning and accepting the bay area. we have a lot of instability behind it. a cold there does remain. >> it will settle into the bay area and be with us for quite some time. future cast 4 look at snow falling out. not too much. by 3:00 p.m. today less than 3 in. for just about everywhere. we could certainly see a dusting of new powder if you're heading to tahoe later today or potentially this weekend. your afternoon
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highs upper '40's low 50s. 49 in san raphael vallejo, fairfield. 51 in concord. 50 in san mateo. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast demonstrates how cold it will be. you can see the numbers. upper twenties for the next several days. those are your inland lows. we have a frost advisory and freeze warning: into effect at 2:00 a.m. overnight tomorrow stretching into 8:00 a.m. friday. there may be some instability and unsettled weather into the weekend. we will see a dry one for that play off game. >> we will have more on the extended forecast coming up shortly. >> in the traffic center it is quiet. no hot spots to monitor. no accidents at all. you will run into typical overnight construction. we do have a
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high wind advisory for the bay bridge ride. it is not as windy as when it was issued at midnight. we are seeing sustained winds at 10 m.p.h. and gust up to 20. you want to keep both hands on the steering wheel out of oakland into the city. >> the san mateo bridge is dry on this side of the span. we have light rain reported around 1 1/92 interchange. allow yourself extra time. >> south bound 101 the golden gate bridge a nice and easy commute for those of you coming out of marin county. james. >> thank you erica. >> we began our newscast this morning with details of the east bay about the young girl was kidnapped in hayward more than 20 years ago. hayward police say a bone fragment found in an abandoned well in central california last year is not
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michaeka garachet. the news comes as fbi investigators continue to dig up another site looking for the remains of victims of the so-called speed freak killers. we spoke with the victim's mother after she learned the news. what she had to say. she that i have been looking for for the last 24 years. i hope there is some hope. >> the victim was only nine years old when she was kidnapped outside of a grocery store in hayward back in 1998. >> meanwhile, the search for victims of the speed freak killers continue in london. >> so far no human remains
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of been found and the dig is taking longer than expected. >> the fbi says the well is deeper than they originally thought it was and they have yet to reach the bottom. once they do that is when they will start hand sifting through the dirt to see if there are any human remains. >> @ vallejo man is behind bars is on after calling police to confess he just killed is 89 year-old mother police took the man to the solano county jail. he identified as a 70 year- old dennis stand worth. >> led officers to home of the 2500 block of marshfield road or the body of an elderly woman was found inside. he is a former death row inmates. he was found guilty in 1966 of kidnapping. and assaulting and killing two teenage
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girls and contra costa county. >> was sentenced to death but later his sentence was perversely was given a life sentence, instead. he was embroiled in registered with the vallejo police as a sex offender. >> in national knows, the national rifle association heads to washington today to meet with vice president joe biden and his gun violence task force. >> is the latest round of meetings at the white house push for more gun-control. >> we are compiling all the information with the help of the attorney general in all the rest of the cabinet members. as well as legislative action will be required. >> with the gun debate heating up gun and ammunition sales are heating up. many gun enthusiast are stacking up on weapons and ammunition before they could be outlawed. >> there has been a big boost in sales in a gun store in the atlanta. >> there is been more demand for ammunition than there
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ever have. we are have an lot enforcement agencies coming buying ammunition of the shelf. >> i am d payne reporting. >> as we gaze at downtown san francisco it is clear the cold. it looks a bit when the in spots. we will be back with more headlines in a minute.
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we are back. 4:10 is the time. taking a look at wall street this morning so far, so good. pre-market trading is up. we have the dow, nasdaq, an s&p futures in positive territory this hour. >> stock closed this day hired mr. de thanks to
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encouraging quarterly earnings reports from several well-known companies. >> here is a look at the numbers on wall street. the dow gained 61. . the nasdaq rose 14. and the s&p 500 gang three. >> will be watching the stock market all morning at 630 a m with the opening bell. >> nissan all electric lease sedan will be made in america. >> the green car has been made exclusively in japan, but will now be made at a plant in tennessee. >> the auto maker says, it is working to manufacture 85% of the cars it sells in the u.s.. in the north america by 2015. >> however, the leaf is not a commercial success it was expected to be with total sales still under 10,000. >> the consumer financial protection bureau has rolled out new rules designed to ensure the mortgage borrowers can afford to repay the loans they take out. >> according to the rules, which take effect next year,
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lenders will be required to verify and inspect barrels financial records. saddling are also long they bristol in 43 percent of persons and oil income. and risky interest only and no documentation loan that helped inflate the housing bubble will be banned. >> retail sales climbed 2.5% for the november and december. , boosted by a last-minute shopping surge. >> a holiday shopping season, which accounts for as much as 40% of net revenue for retailers, was respectable but not robust. >> shop tracks, which analyzes customer traffic, says shoppers spent 249 billion, according to preliminary sells data. after a stall a spending spree of the thanksgiving weekend, cells live along until the final days before christmas, when store for focus to discount or that plan to bring back shoppers. >> google is investing $200
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million in the texas wind farm. >> the committee to the spinning spur wind project in the state's panhandle sex and race google total investment in alternative energy to about 1.2 billion. >> the company has backed 11 different projects with a combined capacity to produce to gigawatts of electricity and of the power about 500,000 united states holmes for year. >> google has been pouring money into alternative energy since 2010 because it believes the investments will prove profitable as the demand for clear source of power rises amid increasing concerns about the pollution caused by oil and coal. >> we will be back with more on the kron 4 morning
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>> we are back. 4:15 is the time. we have light showers will find out more with erica. good morning erica. >> good morning james. we have trace amounts falling. it will feel like a heavy sprinkle. of course we have rain along the coast line it is crossing the bay currently.
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>> at last check attendants ago this secell was located in san mateo and has crossed the san mateo bridge sitting over the toll plaza. >> no longer raining in half moon bay itself. it is sitting on the mid peninsula. picking up light rain you will need to use your windshield wipers for redwood city, the bayshore freeway, interstate 280 through wood side. again this is not a huge rain maker just passing showers. take a look at the wider view we have this area of yellow and red on your screen. i did take a sample. this is currently falling at nine tenths of an inch per hour. it is almost an inch. it is slated to make it with closer to the santa cruz mountains of boulder creek. we are experiencing heavy rain in los gatos. this should be out of our hair
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shortly. satellite and radar shows it continues to push south. we have a lot of cold arctic air associated with the system behind it. the air will settle into the bay area. we will have several cold morning to look for to. a freeze warning of frost advisory are set for tomorrow. >> it is cold. some spots 10 to 11 degrees colder than 24 hours ago. >> into the afternoon we will see sunshine. it will be a mainly clear day. it will be chilly. your high to climb into the upper '40's low 50s. continue with cool conditions as we head into the evening hours. >> 32 we are freezing in santa rosa. 45 in downtown san francisco. upper '30's for some of our east bay interior valleys. 43 in redwood city. into the
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afternoon when will see sunshine it will be clear. it will look like a nice day. when you step outside it will be cool. we are only getting into the low 50s in the south bay. fremont at 50 degrees. 51 for mountain view and milpitas. to the east bay a cool day ahead of us. yesterday was the warmest day of the next seven. fairfield climbing to 49. 52 for castro valley and 49 in pleasanton. we did see overnight light ride for the north bay. in will not be the case this afternoon. upper '40's from petaluma and navato . fifties for downtown san francisco. the winter weather visor is will go into effect tomorrow beginning at 2:00 a.m. we have a freeze warning indicated by the color of your screen. some of our east bay valley is again a frost advisory for the san francisco bay. i c wind
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chills--icy wind chills. >> there could be black eyes and it it could be a hazardous commute so be careful. --black ice. >> mid to upper twenties it will bit cold. bring your pets and plants inside. afternoon highs in the low 50s. the numbers i used all your maximum temperatures. several spots will only climb to the upper '40's. we have a plenty of sunshine. it should be dry for the playoff game. we will see some rain on sunday however the chance looked to keep diminishing. >> meanwhile, in the traffic center no hot spots a wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge ride. >> this advisory was issued around midnight it was windy
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that however, the winds have died down since. i would not be surprised if the advisory's canceled shortly. in terms of traffic we are looking good. >> no wait at the toll plaza. the meeting lights are off. we are seeing top speeds up the incline and across the upper deck. >> the san mateo bridge we're picking up light ride across the span. nothing to be concerned with the those of you heading out towards foster city. south bound 101 the golden gate bridge is quiet now. >> turn our attention to the traffic maps. north bound 101 the coyote valley ride looking good. interstate 280 problem free no worries for those of you approaching cupertino. the a northbound 85. >> the drive time is 23 minutes of navato into san
4:22 am
francisco. james. >> bay area transportation officials say they need $31 million to pay for new security system for the new eastern span of the bay bridge. >> the word comes from members of bay area poll authority. they hope to get a grant to cover the cost. >> the chp and caltrans are asking 26.3 million. >> in addition 5 million is needed for a similar upgrade on the western span. >> the bay area toll authorities full board will make a decision on the request next month. >> we are learning new details about the oil tanker which sideswipe the bay bridge on monday. monday's crash caused an estimated two to $3 million in damage on the bridge. >> here is video from sky 7 showing the scene. >> at the time of the incident monday morning, officials say, visibility at the bay bridge was down to the core of a mile. >> their regulations on the bay that will prevent a
4:23 am
vessel from traveling during heavy fog. >> officials say, when the rules were put into place, following the costco buscan tanker accident, it was decided it would be safer to allow passage around the bay bridge, because blocking it could end up causing a traffic jam and possibly other serious consequences. >> per name is mr. teeth. >> column in a county sheriff's deputies say, the alligator was guarding more than 34 lbs. of processed marijuana at the home of a drug dealer. >> authorities say the gators over, assif mayar,
4:24 am
kept the gator in sight is castro valley home for 16 years. >> when alameda county shares special investigative unit discovered alligator during an unannounced probation check at his home on mount jasper avenue drive. the reptile was a side bet ruled a large plexiglas container. >> the owner faces drug charges, as well as owning an exotic animal without permit. >> the oakland zoo as not caring for the animal. >> bits per police say, the cheating why put together a phony home invasion burglary, as a scare tactic to try and get her husband to move out of their home. >> this was the scene tuesday with police on the scene. >> her husband is not dead, but the intruder is an out everyone involved in the plot is being charged with the debt. >> police are searching for a suspect was that this woman to death in san francisco' bes--with the death.
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>> we're back at 4:25. >> the judge overseeing the case against the accused col rubble of their shooter will rule tomorrow whether there's enough evidence to go to trial. >> of lynn neary. against james holmes has concluded. without the defense presenting its case as it was originally planned. >> homeless accused of killing 12 people and injuring dozens of others in the july mass shooting. a police detective testified that he visited the theater two weeks before the shooting, and took photographs of hallways and doors. >> prosecutors say, holmes was intent on killing everyone inside. >> last year's attack on u.s. diplomatic outpost and libya has become a factor driving the white house decision on how many troops to leave in afghanistan after 2014.
4:28 am
>> the afghan president wants a near total drawdown of u.s. forces, with the third eight for his own troops. >> u.s. official said after losing a u.s. ambassador in benghazi, but will insist on in sufficient troops to guard the u.s. post and the legal party to target those who might come after them. >> without those troops, u.s. officials may have to shrink the u.s. diplomatic mission and the aid that comes with it. >> the judge will sentence jerry sandusky to a least 30 years in prison will hear his lawyers and prosecutors argue over whether the former penn state assistant football coach at a fair trial. >> sandusky says his lawyers did not have enough time to prepare for the trial that resulted in a 45 count guilty verdict in june. >> the hearing today is expect to delve into the legal child is filed by sandusky's lawyers. including the claim that the dilution of prosecution materials want the defense.
4:29 am
>> an attorney for the canadian bus company involved in a deadly crash last month or incest black ice played a significant role in the accident. >> 9 passengers or killed with a tour bus skidded off an organ interstate into in an embankment. >> 39 others were injured, including the driver. the bus company's attorney says the driver had more than seven hours of sleep during the night before the crash and that there is no indication that drugs or alcohol was involved. >> the ntsb and the oregon state police are investigating the accident. >> still ahead a string >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards, destroying jill's credit and her dream of retirement. now meet amanda. with a swipe of her debit card, she bought some gas... and an all-expense-paid trip to hawaii for ben.
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ben is the identity thief who used a device called a skimmer to steal her information from her card to open a fraudulent account. every year millions of americans just like you learn that a little personal information in the wrong hands could wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft, and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock offers the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. ordinary credit monitoring services tell you after your identity has been stolen; they may take 30 days to alert you! too late for amanda. with lifelock's 24/7 proactive protection, jill would have been alerted as soon as they noticed an attack in their network, before it was too late. and lifelock's bank account takeover alerts would have notified amanda in time to help protect her money. lifelock guards your social security number, your money, your credit, even the equity in your home. while identity theft can't be completely stopped, no one protects you better
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than lifelock. and lifelock stands behind that, with the power of their $1 million service guarantee. you have so much to protect, and nothing to lose when you call lifelock right now and try 60 days of identity theft protection risk-free. 60 days risk-free! use promo code: onguard. order now, and get this document shredder, a $29 value, free! call or go online now. [♪...] >> good morning is 4:30. one of our developing story happens to be the weather. we're watching the weather this morning. a high wind advisories in effect for the bay bridge. >> to get you more news faster kron fours mike
4:32 am
pelton is live from bay ridge toll plaza. >> the wind advisory was issued closer to midnight. was it still windy when you arrived? >> it was just enough to keep the wind advisory in effect. you could see big rigs making it over the bridge without any of sex.effec. erica mentioned the wins are dying down a little bit from what they were a few hours ago. we will keep an eye on how long the wind advisory is in effect this morning. back to you. >> very good. thank you mike. we are watching some showers that are out there. the morning to you erica. >> the morning to james. i want to go over wind speeds. in oakland and half moon bay some of the heavier wind's
4:33 am
blowing around. we have recently dropped to 9 mi. per hour sustained when for oakland around the bay bridge toll plaza. 9 mi. along the coast. the wins are dying down. in terms of the showers let us take a look at storm tracker 4. passing showers mainly along the coastline we could see some light rain approaching san francisco shortly. the showers are sitting offshore. we also see rain for daly city, san bruno. we saw it move its way over the san mateo bridge. that is not the case anymore we have dried things out there. light rain being reported for the bay shore freeway about palo alto. this is trace amounts. we have not seen any significant rainfall amounts. i checked with the national weather service. heavy rain however around santa cruz mountains. yellow on your screen indicates rain fall rate at about half an inch falling per hour. that is something we're we could
4:34 am
see some scattered showers throughout the morning. again, nothing too heavy you can see on satellite and radar it is really not to organized. a scattered stray showers. it will affect the western half of the bay area. i do not think too many people are concerned about the right. i think the temperatures are bigger story. we are currently freezing in santa rosa. 11 degrees cooler than 44 hours ago. also freezing in napa. 40 degrees in fairfield. 38 in hayward. not much improvement to the afternoon. we did mention the rain here in the bay area. that generally translates to snow in the sierra. we are taking a live look outside this highway 50 at 89. no chain restrictions in effect. i want to walk you through futurecast 4 later this afternoon up toward of 3 in. of fresh news note to enjoy. you could see some fresh powder for those of you heading up this weekend.
4:35 am
>> here in the bay area as a tackle look at afternoon highs significantly colder than yesterday. remember this was a strong cold front a lot of cool, arctic air associated with it. it will sell into the bay area for the next several days. temperatures in some spots only getting in the upper '40's. 49 in fairfield in vallejo. 54 downtown san francisco. 48 in daly city. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows cold temperatures that will stick around your inland lows we are talking mid to upper twenties. we will see the sun shine however, it will be pretty around the bay area. we did have the potential to see some rain into the weekend. the potential kids' diminishing. clear skies on tap for sunday into monday. temperatures a bit higher but it will be cold for your inland lows. >> over to the traffic center again, it is quiet. we did talkadvisory is in affece
4:36 am
bay bridge toll plaza. traffic itself however, is very quiet. mostly the commuters will be coming from the east shore freeway. westbound 580. not too much traffic from the and it's free way of those of you heading into the city. >> we did see passing showers earlier this morning. nothing to concern yourself with. traffic is good at the toll plaza itself also approaching the high rise in making your way closer to the 10192 interchange. >> south bound 101 a live look shows overnight road work is being picked up. it is good for tho no problems with visibility. james. >> thank you erica. >> after years of double- digit deficits california out fiscal outlook is looking brighter. governor jerry brown will oppose his third budget since reclaiming the governor's office. >> it is expected to be the
4:37 am
first time in many years that the state does not face drastic budget cuts. >> thanks to tax increases approved by voters, the state is projected to have a budget surplus with the two fiscal years. >> police in san jose are looking for an elderly man was suffering from dementia. >> 96 your old yung lee disappeared from his home on the 900 block of orchard wet yesterday morning. authorities say he lives there with his family. >> family members say he writes the bta bus daily to the career center. but never arrived. anyone who finally has been asked to call police. >> a notice cameras behind bars is muni after posing as a parking lot attendant and taking money from unsuspecting drivers near fisherman's wharf. >> 56 year-old george anderson was arrested over the weekend after a tourist discovered the man was a fake park attendant. >> police learned that anderson had allegedly pocketed the money from the
4:38 am
tourist at a parking lot near bay in kearny st.. >> upon investigation anderson was found with multiple use parking lot tickets in his pocket. it was booked into jail on suspicion of theft by trick or device. >> and museum heist is now under investigation in oakland. >> at $12,000 reward is being offered for the return of stolen property. >> the stolen piece was part of the gold rush exhibit at the oakland museum. >> when the incident happened, the museum was closed. >> police say it is only took minutes for the key to breaking and and get away with the artifacts. >> although a nonprofit group and the day-to-day operation oakland residents are the owners of the art. >> where jean quan says there are real victims here. >> these artifacts are part of the history and culture of all california. >> the local police believe it could be the same person who was responsible for the break-in at that museum two
4:39 am
months ago. >> we have a live look from the oakland coliseum as we look at the traffic on 880. >> we are watching light showers are around the bay area this morning. cold temperatures and wind as well. we will be back with more in just a few
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>> ( male announcer): now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly . >> it is called a broken glass. . houdon maintain an urban environment in an orderly conditions it will only get worse. >> i don't know people, around here and dump their stuff here. >> here at the corner of bernhard and foster in the city of oakland. >> the dow here, they dump their, when are they going to stop the dumping. >> we are going to get it stopped as soon as possible. >> residents in oakland are tired of being dumped on for the last seven years.
4:42 am
>> come on now. look at this! this is ridiculous! this is a dump site as a major point is that of take it where they need to take it that are doing work on hold and dumping seen it here. >> it is ridiculous! this is our living. >> this appears to be some once-board. in order for this to stop--dash board. >> for years i have posted phone numbers for public works but the problem still remains. >> the city of oakland is aware of a problem and since crew is almost every day but a dumped bolt is not a public works issue is a police issue as well as dead animals. >> i meet people will say they do not want to get involved. well, this is what could happen if you do not get involved your neighborhood will be taken over in dumped on a regularly.
4:43 am
>> find out who your council members are and send them e- mail's. illegal dumping is behaving badly but, so is ignoring the problem and waiting for it to fix itself. >> go to kron 4 .com and click the behaving badly button. kron 4 news stanley roberts. >> you can reach out to him on facebook and twitter or kron 4 .com and click of behaving badly button. >> still ahead on the peninsula creek is getting some restoration help from the state with sandbags. >> and update on the san franciscquito creek on the kron 4 morning
4:44 am
4:45 am
4:46 am
>>4:44 is the time. welcome back. >> members of the california conservation corporation or pilot of sandbags at the height to an east palo alto levied which failed last month. >> 7 overestimatedhomes were evd two days before christmas, when waters from the san francisquito creek overflowed. >> the temporary fix and off the approximately 4000 sandbags lay down on the top of another 4000 with a report on the day of the flooding. >> the city says
4:47 am
construction on a permanent flood wall will began this summer. >> but us get the update on the forecast we have showers and wind out there. will it attempt to look erica. the morning. >> good morning to you james. we have showers in the forecast for now. we have more rotating into the bay area. that will be the case with the rest of the morning. because it is so cold we had a cold front pushing get it looks like there is the potential for snow. we could see snow levels dropped to 1,000 ft.. which is rare here in the bay area. we could see stow a light dusting in the santa cruz mountains. >> let us focus on the rain we have showers off short light ride along the coastline. we have moisture in the santa cruz mountains were rain is falling a little heavier. >> satellite and radar put it into motion. a lot of cold air associated with this system. the rain is
4:48 am
not the big story actually is the cold. it will settle into the bay area for the next several days. yesterday's was actually the warmest day for the next seven. it will be cold no doubt. we're not feeling it just yet in san francisco walking up to mid '40's. 43 in hayward. upper '30's and concord. future cast 4 set up for 8:00 a.m.. the light purple on your screen indicates '30's may be twenties. it will be warmer along the coast. we will see some '40's low 50s as we head into the lunchtime hour. as we continue to advance clock cold weather expected for tonight. temperatures may drop into the upper '30's. >> plenty of low 50s in the south bay. mountain view 51
4:49 am
the same for palo alto. low 50s for santa clara and sunnyvale. 57 milpitas. these are your afternoon highs only climb into the upper for is for fairfield. 51 for concord in danville. 53 in union city. on to the north bay it will be cold clear, but cold. 494 navato in petaluma. 48 in ocean beach. there is a freeze warning going into affect that is indicated by the aqua on your screen. it is for the north and east bay. it began today and tomorrow morning expiring at 8. temperatures dropping it to the upper twenties. i see when shows a lack ice and possibility. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights very cold temperatures for the next several mornings. mid to upper twenties you'll
4:50 am
want to bundle up. bring your pets and plans to endorse it will last until the weekend. there is the potential for light rain expected on sunday. as of now it is flying under the radar. some models to point to light rain expected. >> in the traffic center we have a wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge ride. keep that in mind. winds have died down. it was issued at around midnight in addition we have picked up a stall. information. that is something you should be aware of for your ride out oakland into the city. traffic is building. the volume of traffic is increasing coming from the east shore freeway. here at the san mateo bridge you are problem free. >> in both directions of highway 92. >> south bound 101 they are reconfiguring the lanes for your southbound trip. the
4:51 am
extra line makes the ride easier for those of you coming out of the north bay. we are seeing green on our road way censors would continue to see a great commute shaping up for your ride along westbound 580. no backups of the altamonte pass into downtown livermore or approaching the 5 8/680 interchange. >> thank you erica. >> walgreen's has agreed to pay $1.4 million in civil penalties for questionable pricing practices involving california customers. >> effeinspectors found multiple discrepancies between the price walgreen's advertise on its shelves and what people were charged. >> as part of the agreement customers who were overcharged at the checkout king get a free item under $5 and either a $5 discount or credit. >> walgreen also established a scanner price guarantee program at all of its
4:52 am
california stores. >> a new report reveals americans are getting sicker and dying younger than people in other parts of the world. >> the national research council, life expectancy is in the united states are laggin behind 27 other high-income countries. >> data shows americans life expectancy is about four years shorter for men compared to a country like switzerland. >> it is more than five years shorter for women compared to japan. >> researchers say likely cause is that americans know what is good for them, but few act on it. >> the federal government may tighten the rules on the powerful painkiller bike agavicodin . laater this month, the fda will consider a request to put the drug in the same category as
4:53 am
oxycontin and other powerful narcotics. >> for patients, the new rules could sharply restrict the number of bills they get and drastically increase the number of doctor visits necessary to get them. >> health officials say vicodin abuse has reached epidemic proportions in the u.s.. >> a federal judge signed off on a one in dollar settlement of lawsuit filed by occupied protested to work that is great at uc davis. >> the school has agreed to pay $30,000 to each of the 21 plaintiffs along with $100,000 to be split among 15 other individuals and to moderate $50,000 for their attorneys. >> the incident happened in november to about 11 when pleas of the rose parade nonviolent protesters prompted national outrage and call for the chancellor's resignation. >> meanwhile vandalism and trespassing charges have been dropped against three
4:54 am
defendants tie to the occupied santa cruz takeover of beckham bank building. >> the judge said, the trio made a spontaneous decision to enter the building and did not participate in any conspiracy. 11 people were initially charged with the occupation of the building which lasted about three days in november to about 11 until the group left peacefully. >> for the defendants still face misdemeanor charges and a reminder to what dr. phil this morning
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>> welcome back. >> you always hear performers say it is just an honor to be nominated well in the case of the latest twilight film that might not be the case. >> shall be lin has today's hollywood minute. >> among the numerous not with the final installment in the series stars robert patterson and christian stored for the worst actors and actresses. --christian stwwart . >> rhianna has been nominated. absent from the list is kanye west,jz , and frank ocean. >> tina fey is reported to
4:58 am
join the new hollywood muppet movie. ty perrell and ricky trav have signed oney for the m ovie. >> i am shelby lin kron 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a result from a test done on a bone fragment possibly linked to the michaele garchet has come back. we will have the results coming up. >> plus the task force is in full swing as vice-president joe biden expected to meet with the nra to day a preview of the meeting coming up. >> and we are watching colder temperatures as they
4:59 am
hit the bay area this morning. will be checking in with erica let's look at our forecast. as well as robyn was watching our morning commute. we'll be right back here on the kron 4 morning news
5:00 am
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> good morning to you the top stores we're following this thursday morning, january 10th. police pressed his way home after confessing to the murder of his 89 year-old mother. details straight ahead. >> here on the kron 4 morning news waiting for the national rifle association to meet with the vice- president. we'll have more on what they hope to accomplish coming up. >> and we are waking up to cold weather and in some spots damp weather as well. let us get the latest on our forecast. >> it is dry at the golden gate bridge in most of the bay area. the moisture we are seeing is offshore. >> we did see scattered light showers earlier this morning. we are drying out again the potential exists
5:02 am
for more rain as we head out the course of the morning. that it is really cold outside. it is actually colder than 24 hours ago and there has been some discussion over the possibility of snow here in the bay area. snow levels to drop to about 1,000 ft.. the pickup snow in the santa cruz mountains and portions of highway 17 at 4 mission peak as well. >> we will continue to monitor that brought the morning. expect mostly clear conditions in to the afternoon and later tonight temperatures will be back into the '40's. >> it is freezing in napa, santa rosa. we have seen reports of widespread frost. allow yourself extra time. blacks ice is a possibility. 44 in oakland. upper '40's '30's--5:01 a.m. on the
5:03 am
clock was track traffic with robin. >> it is light and quiet around the bay area. let us start with a bridge to check into san francisco. here is a live look from your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza a light snow delay is a good ride across the upper deck heading into downtown san francisco. the rest of the bay area trouble-free. i will have a check on traffic coming up in a bit. >> thank you robyn a developing story a vallejo man behind bars this morning after confessing to police that he killed his 89 year- old mother. police took him to the solano county jail. he's identified as 70 year- old dennis stand wortworth. >> he led officers to a home of the 2500 block of martial road where the body of an elderly woman was found inside.
5:04 am
>> he is a former death row inmate. >> it was found guilty in 1966 of kidnapping, assaulting and killing two teenage girls and contra costa county. >> he was sentenced to death, but later his sentence was reversed and he was given life sentence, instead. >> buys president joe biden is gun task force is meeting with the national rifle association and other gun rights groups as officials look for ways to curb violence linked to guns. >> by president joe biden is leading administration wide review of gun safety laws, vowing urgent action in the wake of last month's massacre at connecticut elementary school. >> the meeting with the nra is one of three bite and is scheduled for today, he is also meeting with the sportsmen and wildlife interest groups. as well as people from the entertainment industry to talk about gun violence. >> the nra has already said they opposed any new gun laws and wal-mart to the
5:05 am
nation's largest gun sellers said they will not attend the vice president's task force will be making recommendations by the end of the month. >> new details about the young girl was kidnapped in hayward more than 20 years ago. >> hayward police say bone fragments found in an abandoned well is not michaela garechts. >> i feel a sense of relief that is not hurt. maybe there's still hope and that i can go on living like half of the last 24 years looking for. >> she was just nine years old when she was kidnapped outside a grocery store in hayward in 1988. >> meanwhile the search for the victims' of the speed
5:06 am
continue in linden. nothing has been found in the second big dig. they are expected to continue to escalate the earth. >> the fbi says the well is deeper than they originally thought it was they have yet to reach the bottom. once they do that is when they will start to hand sift through the dirt to see if there are any human remains. >> the suspect accused of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco or the weekend will be arraigned today. >> 22 year-old dexter oliver was founded in oakland motel late monday night. >> police have been looking for him since sunday, after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend identified as 25 your co-star lamar . 22 year-old dexter of report gasoline all over and said her body on fire. this after an argument at a nearby lot of that. >> she remains in the hospital this morning. >> her family says the two had only been dating for
5:07 am
about six months. >> a woman is vitally attack and san francisco's mission district and the victim is using social media toward the community. >> she sent out any bill sale on january 5th the suspect lunged at her and knew exactly what he was doing. >> he went for her eyes and put his head in her mouth to prevent her from screaming. >> she also said he tried to slap her head on the concrete. >> and eventually the victim was able to get his head out of her mouth and started screaming. >> a couple in a house nearby throw open their windows and turned on the lights. >> this scared the suspect away the suspect is described as asian, standing 5 ft. eight, weighing about 160 lbs.. he is between 20 to 30 years old. he has a buzz cut and a small beard. last seen wearing a dark put it sweatshirt and dark pants. >> mr. teeth, the alligator was guarding more than
5:08 am
that-34 lbs. of processed marijuana at the home of a drug dealer. >> when the special investigative unit discovered that the alligator at the home on mount jesper drive the reptile was inside a bedroom and a large plexiglas container. never say that ar mayar , a woman and a small child had been living in a home for two years. >> the dollar faces drug charges, as well as allowinowning an exotic animal you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
5:09 am
on the man who's crazy signature might soon appear on
5:10 am
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♪ and it's beautiful some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. watching wall street after the dow rose 62. a second consecutive day
5:12 am
of gains. >> right now dow future are up 25. the labor department releases weekly jobless claims today as well as its survey on jobs openings and the labor turnover for november. >> today the president will officially nominate jack lew for treasury secretary to replace tim geithner lew is federal budget expert and known to be a tough bargainer if confirmed by the senate, he would take the helm of the government may agency for economic and fiscal policy. just as we deal with the u.s. reaching its borrowing limit the debt ceiling. >> some republicans complained that he has been too unyielding in past this of negotiations. >> and big news regarding new mortgage rules being proposed james has more on that in a moment with more
5:13 am
the consumer physical protection burn as rolled out new roles designed to ensure that mortgage borrowers can afford to repay the loans they take out. >> according to the rules, which take effect next year, lenders will be required to verify and inspect our financial records so and no more no doc loans out there. there will be prohibited from saddling world loan payments totaling more than 42 percent of the person's annual gross income. >> an interest only loans that helped inflate the housing bubble will be banned. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a change that will light up the bay bridge get its first test run today. will have more on the bay lights project straight ahead
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. new this morning the bay bridge will light up today with its for sequence test of the all new ltv lights. >> test will run through january 15th. >> about the 5000 ltv lights--led lights have been strung along the bridge. >> is all part of the to your our installation inspired by the bridges 75th anniversary by artist leo's villareal. the bay bridge lights project and $8 million plan the suspect to be unveiled officially in march. the light of operate for about seven hours for night and will be seen only from a distance. >> the chp has issued a high wind advisory at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. when the speeds are a little over 10 mi. for our time. >> to get more news faster
5:18 am
we turn to kron 4 solo performer mike pelton, a joint us live from the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we have about 10 mi. an hour sustained wind. gus about wanting of our hour. the wind is dying down as we progress later in the morning still however, i am saying semi trucks head over the bridge without issues. i will show you the flags next to the toll plaza you can see the winds are a lot more mild than they were even just one hour ago. of course, will keep an eye on the wind advisory to see if they cancel it anytime soon. will also keep an eye on traffic. darya, you can see the wind not causing any slow down the back up the stotoll plaza. >> the windshield this adds to the cold temperatures as you head out of the door. >> that is right darya. the winds have died down but there is a cold for to start to the morning. the couple of spots are at the freezing mark. the rain is currently offshore we're not seeing
5:19 am
any rain in the bay area now. light rain be reported over the santa cruz mountains. again is offshore could pick up light showers for the san mateo county coast line coming here is a wider view on satellite and radar. just scattered showers rotating into the rain itself and light in nature. it is not a very organized system. the bigger story is the cold air associated with it. this will hang around for quite some time. it will get frigid. we have several winter weather advisers posted for tomorrow morning. we are currently freezing for napa and santa rosa. 44 degrees in san francisco. low '40's in concord. snow and possibility in the bay area. this is what people are talking about. i checked with anothe national weather service with the shows ouers for
5:20 am
the santa cruz mountains. >> 1-2 in. of snow is possible of 2,000 ft. trace amounts may be up for of an inch between 1500 and 2,000 ft.. again there is a possibility to see snow around mission peak that is something we will continue to monitor throughout the course of the morning. >> if you do not get your snow fix in the bay area you could head to tahoe. not to bad of a shot. some ice on the ground. highway 50 at 89. i checked with caltrans chains are now required for a four-wheel-drive vehicle on 80 is was 50. future cast 4 shows upward of 3 in. of snow possible this afternoon. we will continue to see a slight increase as we head into later tonight. it is shaping up to be a nice weekend and tahoe if you are headed in that direction. upper '40's for fairfield in vallejo. 48 in
5:21 am
daly city. 50 degrees in san mateo. we have a freeze warning in effect tomorrow morning to a.m. expired. temperatures will drop in to the upper twenties. the freeze warning issued by the national weather service is indicated by the call on your screen. it is expected for the north bay valleys, the east bay valleys and a frost advisory for the rest of the san francisco bay area. again, we're concerned with black ice forming. frosty wind shields'. allow yourself extra time. speaking of extra time, i want to mention is currently selling over the grape vine i 54 the of you heading in that direction. chp is facing traffic. it may take longer. you may see some accidents if you're headed down to the southland. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a in frost a get a freeze warning in effect tomorrow morning. clear skies as we head into the afternoon. your inland lows upper twenties it will
5:22 am
get cold for the next string of days. there is a slim chance to see some showers as we head into your sunday. that is your extended forecast 520 a m here is traffic. >> thank you very much erica. traffic is looking good route the bay area no major trouble spot hot spots. we will look attractive getting into san francisco. a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza on all the approaches doing fine. the nimitz freeway, 580, the east shore moving well. >> less than 10 minutes for your total drive time from oakland to downtown san francisco. there is a high wind advisory employes for the bridge. reduce your speed and use caution. --92 has more cars on the road the westbound traffic heading from hayward towards the peninsula. it is a good- looking commute 12 minutes between hayward and foster city. >> across the golden gate
5:23 am
bridge traffic is nice and smooth this morning. in and out of san francisco taking 21 minutes from navato into downtown san francisco. >> over to the traffic maps a problem for castro valley not causing a back up was something to be aware of. it is at the castro valley exit. a car fire. the right lane his clothes. no delays--the right lane is closed the. >> thank you robyn. >> as the investigation continues into why a oil tanker sideswipe the bay bridge this past monday we're getting new numbers on the cost of the damage. >> the latest estimate shows that the bay bridge suffered 2-$3 million in damage here is video the scene from sky 7 hd . >> at the time of the crash monday morning, visibility at the bay bridge was down 2
5:24 am
1/4 of a mile. >> the coast guard is leading the investigation. >> the lawyer of the pilot of the attackers as it is speculation about pilot error being the cause is highly premature. >> staff members with the transportation agency said they're looking for $31 million to pay for new security system for the bay bridge. >> bay area poll party members say they hope to get a grant for new security system for the new eastern span of the bridge. >> chp along with caltrans is seeking 26.3 million. the additional 5 million is being requested for similar upgrade on the west hand. >> the bay area to all parties full board will have the final approval next month. >> bart police discovered a mastill ahead on the kron 4
5:25 am
morning news former penn state assistant football coach gerry sandusky is back in court today. we will tell you why next. and waking up to cold temperatures across the bay area this morning a to cold temperatures across the bay area this morning a [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] been shn oppingpio smo t, ct,h hbackbaith itur furedomedardar
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5:27 am
to pro pve how hreatrehe fhe isi the thbest psttectten non looko even und uer a f atastta dre d. fits and a feelsee ju lia we invitnve you yo get g fre f samplemp and tnd one on ton
5:28 am
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. new this morning the judge sentenced here is sandusky to at least 30 years in prison will hear defense lawyers and prosecutors are here over whether the former penn state assistant football coach fair trial. >> sandusky says his lawyers did not have enough time to prepare for the trial that resulted in a 45 count guilty verdict in june. >> today's hearing expected to delve into the legal challenges filed by some as his lawyers, including their claim that a delusion prosecution material swamped the the fence. >> and other national news the judge overseeing the the cues call road movie theater shooter will rule tomorrow whether there is enough evidence to go to trial. >> the preliminary hearing against james hall has concluded without the defense presenting its case. >> this was what was our original plan. >> homes accused of killing 12 people and injuring dozens of others in july
5:29 am
mass shooting. >> a police detective testified that holmes a visited the theater two weeks before the shooting, and took photographs of hallways and doors. >> prosecutors say, holmes was intent on killing everyone inside. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news governor brown announcing his proposal for the new california budget today. >> details straight ahead, as the kron 4 morning news continues into minute
5:30 am
♪ ♪ conquer dinner. one cut of meat at a time. the everyday collection.
5:31 am
by target. >> 5:30 a.m. as the time. big stories you're following here on the kron 4 morning news a man arrested with an alligator protecting his badge was arrested 34 lbs. of marijuana was found at a 5 ft. alligator in the tank. >> also live in beverly hills last and 10 minutes from now oscar nominations will be announced. lincoln, dark 30, les miserable.
5:32 am
>> we're also waiting up to co weather let us get the forecast. >> good morning james no doubt about it is freezing in some of our north bay spots. >> storm tracker 4 is monitoring showers. we have them in san francisco in daly city. also over at the san mateo bridge early this morning. the rain is offshore but it is moving closer to the san mateo coastline. we're seeing light showers just south of pacifica. these are trace amounts no more than a heavy sprinkle. >> we will get to the numbers of the cold air that has settled into the bay area. it will be clear this afternoon but cold only climb into the upper '40's low 50s. into tomorrow a freeze warning in a frost advisory goes into effect that will impact for everyone. expect a cool morning tomorrow it to the next several days. unsettled weather continues to the weekend. we are at freezing
5:33 am
in santa rosa and napa. lower forties' for san francisco in dale city. i walked into the numbers in my next report. >> 531 81:00 let us check out traffic robyn. >> thank you very much erica. a hot spot out of the east bay in castro valley. a car fire. as you work away along highway 580 is westbound 580 at the castro valley exit. a vehicle is engulfed in flames. fire crews have arrived on the scene. they have the right lane cone off. you have more cars on the road now that we are in the 5:00 hour. it is starting to back up in both directions. give yourself extra time. if you have the capita travel through hayward dublin are castro valley. >> heading for the altamonte is backing up this is normal
5:34 am
for this time of morning no accidents, no problems along the stretch. regular slug is traffic. merging to 2 05 near the altamonte as you get into livermore. it does pick up by the time you reach double in pleasanton. get yourself extra time for the 580. >> a developing story of vallejo were later this morning police will hold a news conference after arresting a 70 year-old man accused of killing his 89 year old mother. >> after taking him into custody it did not take very long for police to find out that he had been imprisoned before convicted of four violent crimes. >> for more on this story let us go to kron fours will tran who is live in front of the vallejo police department with the details. >> the vallejo police board will hold a news conference to give details about the man who they have known because he had to register with them off as a registered sex offender before what happened yesterday. >> here is his picture his name is dennis stansworth.
5:35 am
what happened was the story is bizarre. shortly before noon he call the police department and told them they need to come to his house he killed his mother. they did not believe him. they went and checked it out and sure enough they found evidence that dennis stanworth did kill his mother nellie stanworth. when they pulled up his rap sheet back in 1966 he pleaded guilty to kidnapping, sexually assaulting, and shooting to teenage girls 14 and 15 years old. >> he was sentenced to death but that was overturned. the authorities sentenced to life in prison. somewhere along the way we are trying to find out when he was eventually paroled. once he got out of prison he stayed with his mother until what happened yesterday. we will try to get more information
5:36 am
before the news conference. i know investigators will arrive here about 8:00 a.m. this morning. hopefully that would cause more inflation on exactly what happened. they have known this guy for quite some time. when they pulled up his record they were like ah ha we know you are we will learn more about him in about five hours now. >> what was the relationship with the mom over the years will? >> it is a gated community. i am sure there are in shock. we will try to get reaction from the neighbors. as far as we know he and his mom were the only two people stayed at home. >> thank you will. mark. >> of the kron 4 morning news what is happening in sacramento with gov. jerry brown riddling the new state budget. california's fiscal outlook is looking brighter.
5:37 am
>> the governor has $6 billion in new tax revenue from the border improved tax increases on high-income earners and the state sales tax increase. >> is expected to be the first time in many years that the state does not have to face drastic budget cuts. >> the governor to announce increase spending on education in with all the new revenue governor state budget deficit is still projected to be around $2 billion, according to the legislative analysis office. >> and laws and settlement with the family who lost a mother and daughter and the san bruno pipe explosion in 2010. >> mandates that pg&e must take extra safety precautions. >> the settlement with the greig family requires that the utility to calculate a minimum safe life span for pipes in populated areas. >> the move is expected to help prevent another similar tha disaster.
5:38 am
>> under the agreement, the utility will give the family reports on progress. >> pg&e also made an undisclosed payment to the family, as part of the september settlement. >> walgreen's has agreed to pay $1.4 million in civil penalties for a credible pricing practices involving california customers. >> inspectors found multiple discrepancies between the prices walgreen's advertise on the shelf and what people were charged. >> as part of the agreement, customers were overcharged at the checkout the get a free item under $5 and either $5 discount credit. walgreen also status is get a price guarantee program in california stores. >> a notice cameras behind bars is morning after posing as a parking lot attendant
5:39 am
and taking money from unsuspecting drivers near fisherman's wharf. >> 50 year old george anderson was arrested over the weekend after torres discovered the man was a fake parking attendant. police learned that anderson had allegedly pocketed the money from tourists and a parking lot near bay incurred the streets. upon investigating anderson was found with multiple use parking lot is in the pocketbook into jail on suspicion of death by a trick or device. >> president obama will nominate white house chief of staff jack wew as treasury secretary this afternoon. lew will replace treasury secretary timothy geithner . obama will only begin insiders steeped in budget matters but also a tough bargainer. >> some gop lawmakers at complained that he has been unyielding in past fiscal negotiations. >> secretary of labor held up solis is stepping down
5:40 am
from a post she sent a letter to our colleagues yesterday of their resignation. >> and it shows, she get knows as of reasons why. she called the decision to resign one the most difficult decisions yet to make. >> president obama released a statement calling her chevy for working families and committing our workload that years. >> i want to congratulate today's nominees and also congratulate those were not nominated you stop during interviews were you continue at such a great time making the movie. >> (laughter) >> says there's nothing creek you're the guy standing in hollywood by himself at 5 in the morning here is it was stone. >> (cheers and applause) --emma stone. >> thank you set. >> she is the star of the new films ganstaer squad. >> she is star of the new
5:41 am
film ganster squad and the brightest talent of our generation. some say she is better than merrilyl streep. >> will says that! >> alamo. a lot of people. >> for the best actress and supporting role the nominees are. christoph in django on chained. >> robert deniro in a silver lining playbook. he has won before. >> alan arkin in argo. >> he has won before. >> tommy lee jones in lincoln. he has won before (laughter) >> breath of fresh air in that category (laughter) >> for best original song the nominees are before my
5:42 am
time. music and lyrics by j routes. >> suddenly from les oise miserable . >> sky fall from sky fall music and lyrics by adele a atkins and paul at woratworth. >> the mtv once gave michael jackson and mtv award lifetime stepheachievement award and he did not show up. >> (cheers and applause) for best performance by actors and a supporting role are sally field in the lincoln. >> and packed away in late
5:43 am
mr. ross. >> jack weaver and silver lining playbook. >> a. adams in the master. >> congratulations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attractive target wine stain (laughter) . >> for best animated feature film nominees are frank n weenie . the pirates bed of misfits. paranorman. >> and brave >> for best foreign-language film nominees are from austria amore from austriano . from canada or which. >> from denmark a royal
5:44 am
affair. >> i read and amore was co- produced by austria and germany. >> for adapted screenplay beast of the southern wild. >>, argo, lincoln, silver linings playbook. >> these are adapted screenplay is that means the riders copied the stuff for microsoft word and pasted into a final draft. >> (laughter) for best original screenplay the nominees are john gaton .
5:45 am
quentintarantino for jiang djanto un chained. >> and moonrise kingdom. >> these are five people who're the very best that sitting in a chair watching other people like a movie. >> (laughter) the nominees for best performance by an actor in a leading role daniel day-lewis and lincoln. denzel washington in flight. you jackman in late mr. robb. bradley called for in a silver lining playbook. and what kean phoenjoaquin in p
5:46 am
>> if in flight and then cells character was as strong as half the people who were up this morning. (laughter) best performance by an actress and a leading role the nominees are naomi wats jessica jennifer lawrence, >> finally we are pleased to announce the film selected as the best picture nominees are of a soda and wilth suthern wild zero dark
5:47 am
30, lincoln, les miserable, life of pi , amore, djangoi unchained. argo. our goal has been nominated someone tell cranstan he get on a college his teeth. join us at the oscars february 24th to find out who will take on the oscars. >> congratulations on nominees >> there you have the announcement of the oscar
5:48 am
nominees with the ceremony on february 24th. says mcfarlane will be the host. will be back of the kron 4 morning news continues best- seth mcfarlane will be the host
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
>> firefighters and australia are still fighting those mass of firefighter the m cold weather in the bay area this morning, a full check out here thursday forecast next.
5:52 am
5:53 am
(woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information and receive a free 3-day bracelet today. ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality
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in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful >> good morning it is by 53 am and we have some slow in the santa cruz mountains of around highway 9. satellite and radar really does not show too much activity. we have a light rain out there.
5:55 am
a lot of cold air pushing and and we are freezing and napa and santa rosa. 44 out the door and severance is go. more on your weather coming up in just a bit. >> we have a hot spot in the east bay on castro valley on highway 580 at the castro valley accidentexit. it is 580 t at the castro valley exit. it is a car fire and that has won lane shot down. commute is a little less than 25 mi. per hour as you head west. it is backing up towards the top of the dublin grade. no word as to when fire crews plan that is completely cleared, give yourself extra time drive time has increased. >> firefighters are racing against the clock to bring
5:56 am
flames under control before a spike into butcher makes the situation worse. fires have been raging across australia for nearly a week and while many have been contained, or 126 are still burning. a cooler weather front that brought some relief yesterday continues in many parts but today temperatures are yet set to soar once again to 104 degrees fahrenheit. we will take a quick break and be back with more headlights and just a minute. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
5:57 am
5:58 am
u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me.
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[ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >> no hall of fame this year for barry bonds, roger clemens or any other player tainted by the baseball steroid scandal. players need at least 75% of the vote to be elected into the hall. bonds got 36.2% of the vote, clemens just a little more.

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